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The Author - Rita Baker

Rita Baker

Rita Baker has been a teacher and trainer for over 40 years. She is a systems thinker with a passion for helping people to find a voice to communicate their ideas, needs and feelings to others.

She believes that we are naturally programmed to learn, but that so often our schooling takes the pleasure out of it, turns us off and destroys our belief in ourselves as learners. This can apply to any subject, but her particular interest is language learning where traditional presentation takes the form of pre-digested, deconstructed bits. Such an approach completely obscures the fact that languages are organic, systemic and generative, and underestimates the ability we all have to just dive in and acquire them for ourselves – with a little bit of well-judged, supportive nudging here and there. Maths is another subject which is clearly systemic and generative, and is in many ways a language of its own.

Rita is the creator of the GlobalApproach™, a radically different, whole brain, visual, kinaesthetic and accelerated way of understanding and learning English - based on many of the principles outlined in this book. She is also a founder member of RadicalEnglish™.
Rita has taught in Zambia, France, Spain, Kenya and the Yemen Arab Republic, working with learners of all ages, from 4 to 86.

Since 1985 she and her husband, Duncan, have been running the Lydbury English Centre in South West Shropshire. Here they and their team specialise in residential immersion training for adults in English and soft skills, for business and professional purposes. They share a particular interest in helping to break down barriers by promoting cross cultural awareness.

Rita is a well-known presenter for IATEFL (International Association of Teachers as a Foreign Language) and IATEFL BEsig (the Business English special interest group). She has also run teacher training and development workshops in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Poland, Latvia, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania and Belarus.

Rita was the driving force behind the founding of BEUK – the Business English wing of EnglishUK which represents accredited providers of English as a Foreign Language in the UK.

Rita delights in the company of her four adult children and their spouses, taking a huge interest in their careers and the insights they bring. She also loves being a granny.

In common with other systems thinkers Rita is frustrated by the lack of cohesion that is evident throughout most of the areas that affect our lives – health, education, politics, finance and the justice system - for starters! For this reason she enjoys being a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts which is proactive in so many important areas.

Her main regret is that life is just so short!



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